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About Me

I am Tsveta. As a grateful mother of two children of 9 and 6 years old, a big algae fan, a keen mountaineer and ski-touring addict, an amateur gardener and a professional mountain guide, for years I’ve been searching for alternatives to improve our lives, our natural and social environment, my contribution to the world. AquaSource products and business opportunity are such a precious alternative which is worth spreading worldwide because of the quality difference it makes in people’s lives. It’s so much more than just health or wealth benefits! Joining AquaSource family might be for you the beginning of a transformational journey towards your new You, as it has been for me. I discovered how meaningful and deeply fulfilling this journey can be and I wish to help you experience it.
My mission is to give my best in helping as many people as possible take on the responsibility for their health and their lives and live their dreams. I’m eager to share my knowledge and experience with you and look forward to welcoming you in our AquaSource Be Healthy Team!

Tsveta Bilyarska, Independent AquaSource Distributor