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Himalayan Crystal Salt Fine 400g (Bag)

Himalayan Crystal Salt Fine 400g (Bag)
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All salt is “sodium chloride” in a very general way. But regular table salt has been so refined and processed with additives that it no longer has much in common with the earth’s naturally occurring crystal salt so rich in natural elements.

Our body normally only needs a small amount of salt each day. Excess salt is processed through the kidneys, but they are only able to excrete a certain amount each day. Over time, including too much highly processed table salt in our diet can impact on kidney function.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is more than just sodium and chloride. Himalayan Crystal Salt can actually be viewed as holistic, wholesome, unaltered, natural salt crystallised in the Earth over millions of years.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is pure, natural crystal salt that has been subjected to enormous force pressure over millions of years. This very high pressure over time is responsible for creating the salt crystals, creating superior order in the resulting crystal structure and trapping elements within this structure in particles small enough to be easily metabolised by the body.

Since pure, crystal salt is a basic element of earth, plentiful the world over, ancient and modern people have learned to use it holistically in a wide variety of ways.