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AquaSource Osteo-Forte 60 Veg Caps

AquaSource Osteo-Forte 60 Veg Caps
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AquaSource Osteo-Forte

Vital bone and joint nutrients formulated for maximum absorption
AquaSource Osteo-Forte is packed with the powerful natural nutrients and co-factors to be even more supportive for healthy bones.The vitamin D in Osteo-Forte is ethically sourced from organic mushrooms.

Osteo-Forte ingredients work synergistically to help deliver maximum bone & joint nutrition. Now, with over 90% natural or organic ingredients. AquaSource Osteo-Forte contains a well-researched range of nutrients that support bone health. Just as important as the ingredients, this product is optimised for efficient absorption,maximising its potential.

Key Ingredients:
Magnesium (from organic sea lettuce) – Contributes to normal muscle function, the maintenance of normal bones and to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue.

Calcium (from natural and wild harvested calcareous algae) - Contributes to normal muscle function and the maintenance of normal bones.

Vitamin D – Contributes to normal absorption & utilisation of calcium and phosphorus, to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function. Now ethically sourced from organic mushrooms.

Vitamin K2 – Osteo-Forte uses the new K2Vital® Delta form of K2 with up to 20% more assimilation. This unique double microencapsulation process offers the best possible protection against the harshness of certain minerals.

Co-Factor Nutrients – Other nutrients include ionic minerals, zinc, boron, the enzymes protease, lipase & amylase.

Key Advantages - naturally provided by our ingredients
• Excellent balance of natural source ingredients that support good bone health.
• Formulated to maximise nutritional absorption.
• Includes Vitamin K2 to aid deposition of calcium in the bones.
• Includes Calcium and Vitamin D which support healthy bones and joints.
• Magnesium helps reduce fatigue.

Approved EFSA Health Claims:
Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin D for normal muscle function, the maintenance of normal bones and Magnesium for reduction of tiredness & fatigue.

Vitamin K for the maintenance of normal bones.

Allergen data:
Contains no Allergens as per EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011

Two capsules provide:
Magnesium 200mg​ (53%*)
(Ulva sp (Organic Sea Lettuce**)
Calcium (Natural Calcareous Algae**) 200mg (25%*)
Ionic Minerals† 24mg
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae 20mg
Zinc (as Citrate) 10mg (100%*)
Protease (10,000 UT/g) 10mg
Amylase (50,000 KBU/g) 6mg
Lipase (10,000 U/g) 6mg
Boron (as Sodium Borate) 1mg
Vitamin K2 Vital® Delta 40mcg (53%*)
Vitamin D2 250IU 6.5mcg (125%*)
(as Organic Mushroom Powder**)
Capsule: Vegetable Cellulose

*% EC NRV: % European Community Nutrient Reference Value
**Over 90% of ingredients are either natural or organically produced.
† naturally sourced from The Great Salt Lakes, Utah, USA