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Natural Products for Beauty & Wellness

Throughout the world, awareness is growing as to how the choices we make affect our state of health and the quality of our lives. It seems that many of the things that negatively impact our health are not within our control.

Commercially processed foods, hurried lifestyles and depleted soils can make it hard to eat a perfectly balanced diet that provides us with optimum levels of all essential nutrients. Not only can the food we eat be lacking or low in nutrients, some food additives have been proven to be harmful. Pollution and other environmental factors also add to the demands on our bodies increasing the requirement for some nutrients.

Taking nutritional supplements is just one of the ways you can ensure dietary intake of important nutrients and thus maintain and protect your health. They are a practical solution to how to ensure you and your families are getting nutrients essential for health and wellbeing every day.

Our commitment to high quality natural sourced products specifically designed to support the body and its vital functions and purity shows in everything we do.

We strive for purity, both in product and process. We use Trufil capsules which contain 100% active ingredients. No fillers or binders of any kind are used. Where applicable, our products have been registered with The Vegan Society. We use only naturally produced CoQ10 - not synthetic.

Our Blue-Green Algae from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA is the most complete and bio available food on the planet from the cleanest, least polluted lake in the world. Unlike others who freeze their algae, we use a patented drying process to make sure we preserve and maximize the nutritional value of our algae.

We at AquaSource are passionate about natural solutions for health, personal responsibility and choice. Our products work in harmony with your body, supporting its natural processes and defences.

We value your trust, as we continue providing premium quality products to maintain and promote wellness & vitality, manage weight and promote beauty, as naturally as possible.